Maya Plastik Quality, Society, Work Security and Health Policy

Maya Plastik A.Ş. undertakes to obey the legal body of current law of working field and perform it’s responsibilities to it’s society and customers. In that scope,

  • We follow the legal body of current law
  • We analize the current and potential need, requiremnet ve expactations of our customers and we aim our customers’ satisfaction.
  • We give importance to technological structure and develop continually.
  • We work with our shareholders – suppliers, employees, customers – in coordination and share our experiences with them.
  • We educate our employees, suppliers and customers.
  • We make planed projects in order to use the company and natural resources efficiently. We detect and minimize the wastages. We do not pollute the natural resources and do not let them to be polluted. We use, produce and market trusted and environment friendly products.
  • We define the risks that may occur due to our products or employees and we make our working environment safe, healhty and secure with the best planed management applications.
  • We make our all employees and suppliers liable to the agreed indicators for security, health and environment and motivate them.
  • We work on projects in order to forsee the potential risks regarding to product quality and trustabiliy, environment, work security and health and minimize them.
  • We continually check our working process, develop programmes to improve and provide the needed sources.
  • We periodically control our applications, define goals and develop them. We enjoy working on a transparent way for the leagal othority, our customers and public.